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The power supply module and the development of mainstream technology

Author: released in: 2015/3/13 12:48:43 hits:

With the development of module power supply, power development has also brought no small opportunities, power supply module technology has been not a small increase. The power module is also moving in the short design cycle, high reliability, easy to upgrade the development characteristics, each field of power module in the life of the development has been no small. Semiconductor, filling technology, technology of high frequency switch and many other high-tech has been widely used in the power module.

Development of power module has the following several points worthy of note:

1, the power module is to the high density, low voltage converter development, non isolated than isolated change speed.

2, the faster development of distributed power supply, but the centralized system still exist.

Module power supply technology development greatly reduce thermal resistance. To improve the power module heat dissipation problems. In order to improve the heat problem, packaging method of module power supply relatively large generally adopts multi block printed board overlap.


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