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6.6KW Series Li-on battery charger for heavy machine agriculture

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PA6K6W Series Li-on battery charger for heavy machine agriculture


The chargers are designed with integrated die-casting structure. They are suitable for flooded lead-acid batteries, sealed (colloidal) lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, etc. They can be used to cycling charge and floating charge the battery in electric car, electric motorcycle, sightseeing car, patrol car, forklift, communication, electric power, ship,etc.

Technical parameters

. Ac input voltage range: 90-260VAC (With PFC)

. AC max input current:  32A@220VAC

. Power factor: 0.98 (@220Vin, pomax)

. Max Efficiency: 93% (Full Load)

. Noise: 60dB

. Protection grade: IP67

. Net weight: 9.5kg

. Working temperature: -30°C~55°C

. Storage temperature: -40°C~95°C

. Can be with CAN bus; Can be added with 12v auxiliary power supply; Charging lock function (The vehicle power system can be locked through the relay during charging process.); Meet the requirements for various occasions.

. Can be with National or European standard charging station signals

Protective function

. Output overcurrent protection         . Input overvoltage protection

. Output overvoltage protection         . Input undervoltage protection

. Output short circuit protection         . Over temperature protection

. Output no-load protection             . Fully charge automatic shutdown


. Output reverse connection protection   . CAN failure protection

Mechanical Size



Battery Rated Voltage

Max Output Voltage

Max output current













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