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PA3K0N48FB 3KW Portable lithium battery charger

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PA3K0N48FB 3KW Portable lithium battery charger

This series chargers are designed with semi-sealed potting structure; it is suitable for lead-acid liquid-filled batteries, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, lithium batteries, etc.; it can be used for battery charging of electric light trucks, sightseeing cars, patrol cars, dining cars, forklifts, etc.

Technical parameters

. Ac input voltage range: 180-260VAC;45-65HZ

. Power factor: ≥0.98

. Max Efficiency: 93% (Full Load)

. Noise: ≤65dB

. Protection grade: IP20

.Net weight: 6kg

. Working temperature: -30°C~ 55°C

. Storage temperature: -40°C~ 95°C

Protective function

. Output overcurrent protection         . CAN communication fault protection

. Output overvoltage protection         . Fully charge automatic shutdown

. Output short circuit protection         . Input undervoltage protection

. Output no-load protection             . Over temperature protection

. Output reverse connection protection



Battery Rated Voltage

Max Output Voltage

Max output current










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